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Zweig Group

2021 Policies, Procedures & Benefits Survey Report


Release date: June 2021

Participate in any survey and save, OR (NEW for 2021) receive a customized benchmarking report. Click here to participate in the full-length version of this. 


Zweig Group surveyed AEC Industry firms on their workplace policies, benefits, HR staff composition, HR operating expenses, and other important workplace issues and challenges. Data was collected from firms of every size, type, and region of the country.  

New: Also includes updated data on response to COVID-19 including project, projection, budget, and policy changes.  

The results of this study will help you benchmark your AEC firm in all areas related to benefits and compensation. The 2021 Policies, Procedures & Benefits Survey Report of AEC Firms provides you with industry statistics on policies and procedures, so you can support your policy decisions with hard data.

Use the 2021 Policies, Procedures & Benefits Survey Report to

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