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2019 Valuation Survey Benchmarking Package - with Excel working file

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2019 Valuation Survey Benchmarking Package - with Excel working file


Release date: February 22, 2019

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The 2019 Valuation Benchmarking Package combines Zweig Groups traditional valuation report, as well as a comprehensive Excel-based tool for firm leaders to make real-time decisions that can impact firm Value.

The 2019 Valuation Benchmarking Package includes:

  • 2019 Valuation Survey of AEC Firms Survey - Digital and Print
  • 2019 Valuation Benchmarking Tool - Excel working file

Use the data to:

  • Get a market-based Value of your firm with only a few data points
  • Compare your firm’s Value ratio's to other firm's
  • Understand how specific financial line items impact your firm's Value
  • Gain a frame of reference for conversations regarding your firm's Value



The 2019 Valuation Survey of AEC Firms:

  • Zweig Group's exclusive Z-Formulas can be used to quickly calculate out how much an AEC industry firm is worth.  Simply input seven factors: staff size, net revenue, backlog, EBITDA, profit, book value, and interest bearing debt, for a rough value for any industry firm.
  • Over 120 case studies can be used to make reliable comparisons of value between your firm and others in the industry.
  • See how growth rate, staff size, firm age, and other factors affect firm value
  • Chapter on valuation practices and ways to enhance value for design and environmental consulting firms. 

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