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2017 Study of High Performing Firms

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2017 Study of High Performing Firms


2017 Study of High Performing Firms

The package includes research and data analysis from 12,000 employee responses and 150 companies that applied to our Best Firms To Work For Award. Find out what some of the most successful firms are doing to keep their staff motivated and on point. The report looks at benefits packages, training, reimbursable expenses and many other programs that firms can deploy to make their office a better place for young people to work. 

We also included our *UPDATED* 
2017 Financial Performance Benchmarking Tool that has over 150 firms' financials, many of which are Hot Firms. The Tool allows you to compare your firm's expenditures to those of Explosive Growth Firms (75%+ over 3 years), Very High-Profit Firms (20%+ pre-tax profit), among others, to see how they are spending their cash. The dynamic charts allow you to see how much cash Fast Growth Firms keep on hand and how much equity their ownership has retained. See the Income Statement and Balance Sheets for each category that Zweig Group has traditionally used for comparison and see your firm next to each category. 

The Tool also looks at the operating expenses of these firms and delves into the details of group insurance, PTO, bonus, and rent. If you are looking to open a new office or simply improve on some of these programs in your existing office, use this tool to see what is normal and not normal. 

The *Updated* 2017 Financial Performance Benchmarking Tool allows you to:

  • Compare your firm’s financial performance to other firm's
  • Understand how the allocation of funds impacts your metrics
  • Improve financial statements and accounting methods–make sure your documents are in order
  • Maximize profitability


The 2017 Financial Performance Survey of AEC Firms contains every major financial performance statistics for the industry.  Use the data from the overall sample or take advantage of the details in the tables to compare any firm to others by type, size, region of headquarters, growth rate, and client base.

Topics covered in this comprehensive report include:

Key financial statistics. This chapter includes net service revenue and profitability measures, labor multipliers, turnover rates, and professional/technical to administrative staff ratios, and so much more. In addition to detailed breakdowns of all the data by firm type, staff size, region of headquarters, growth rate, and client base, we’ve also included seven years of trend data. 

Personnel costs. Five major types of personnel costs: payroll taxes; vacation, holiday & sick leave; group insurance; pension, profit sharing & 401(k) plans; and bonuses are measured them against standard benchmarks so you can make comparisons between any firm & others. Data are included for the past five years so you can see how historical spending compares. This section also includes data on workers’ compensation premiums and claims.

Other financial statistics. In addition to all the above information, additional topics– everything from financial software applications to cash flow reports and professional liability insurance.


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